March 16

Tristian’s Birthday

On the 9th of March it was my Brother Tristian’s Birthday he turned 15 years old. When my cousins came we where watching a show called First Dates when it was nearly over I watched KC undercover it is a show on Disney channel. My cousins came and family friends came to there name are Andrew,Frank,Robert,Luke,Hans, Ellen,Carmen,Hugo,Anton,Zio Tony,Zia Emma,Zia Emma I have two and Zia Gail and I think we all had a good day.

March 16

A to Z about me

I am Awesome, I don’t like books, I love cat, I like dogs,I am excellent,I am fantastic,I am a girl,I like to be happy,I like Ice-Cream,I like to jump,I like kittens,I like Lions,I am marvelous,My name is Natalia,I like Oranges,I like puppies,I am not quiet,I like the rain in soccer,I love soccer,I am Ten,I like the movie Up,I like the color Violet,I like water,I play the xylophone at my Auntys,I like the  yellow sun,I like the number zero.

March 8

My Avatar


photoHello this is my Avatar. I chose a top like this because I have a top like this at home  and I have it and same as the pants.I chose a soccer ball because I play soccer and a tiara because I like it.So hope you have a good year  with ME!!!!! 




March 3

2016 reflection

This year so far it has been good.My favorite part of the year so far would be twilight sports and shove Tuesday and another thing I liked was seeing my friends at school  and hanging out with them and I liked meeting my new teachers so far it has been a really good year.

March 2



Welcome to my blog today I am going to talk about sport I like sport but my favourite sports are soccer and swimming and I was wondering  how about your favourite sport and which one do you like.

March 1



Sleep is important for kids and not the Ipads so much because Ipad lights are bad for your eyes and turn off electronics 1 hour before sleep and you need your sleep about 8-10 hours a night.

So take care of your self before you go to bed because it is good for you.