April 12

A-Z Recount

On the holidays I ate an Apple pie with Ice Cream. I slept with a Blanket, also my second cousins came from Adelaide .I looked at pictures and saw a Dog. The first Sunday of the holidays my family and I celebrated Easter. Gemma,Grace Gemma’s friend Tristian my brother, Mum and I went to go watch Kung fu panda. Hugo watched Megamind. I had Ice cream, Boysenberry flavour and I jumped with excitement . I kicked the ball a long way. I ate an orangePapa brought me a bracelet at my Nonna’s house I threw a rock at the tree.I watched the movie She is the man with my cousin my sister and mum. I saw an ugly vase, I played just dance 4 on the Wii at my Zia’s and I played on the xylophone. I watched another movie called Yours Mine And Ours. I also saw my Zia’s and Zio’s.