April 12

A-Z Recount

On the holidays I ate an Apple pie with Ice Cream. I slept with a Blanket, also my second cousins came from Adelaide .I looked at pictures and saw a Dog. The first Sunday of the holidays my family and I celebrated Easter. Gemma,Grace Gemma’s friend Tristian my brother, Mum and I went to go watch Kung fu panda. Hugo watched Megamind. I had Ice cream, Boysenberry flavour and I jumped with excitement . I kicked the ball a long way. I ate an orangePapa brought me a bracelet at my Nonna’s house I threw a rock at the tree.I watched the movie She is the man with my cousin my sister and mum. I saw an ugly vase, I played just dance 4 on the Wii at my Zia’s and I played on the xylophone. I watched another movie called Yours Mine And Ours. I also saw my Zia’s and Zio’s.

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7 thoughts on “A-Z Recount

  1. Rian Prestwich

    G’day Natalia,
    My name is Rian Prestwich and I am a uni student who will be checking in on your student blogging challenge and inviting you to a conversation. Feel free to reply and ask me questions if you’d like.

    What a creative blog entry you have created. Did you find this task difficult compared to the others that you have completed? What was the hardest part?

    Best of luck with your next student blogging challenge, make sure you check back in regularly!
    – Rian

    You can view my blogs here:

    1. natalialsl (Post author)

      Hi Taylor,
      All of it was not made up and my favorite bit of the holiday was going to the movies,having apple pie, playing on the WII and also celebrating Easter with my family.

  2. Elijah

    Hi Natalia this A-Z thing about your holiday seemed very nice I wish I had a holiday like that more often,but I wish you would bold only the words that followed the alphabet and not those words that start with the letter over and over again, and I wonder where you got the idea for the A-Z Holiday from. Follow me at http://blog.elanco.org/zookpe9

    1. natalialsl (Post author)

      Hi Elijah,
      I did that so I didn’t have to write the in order because that was what happened and I came up with it because we are in a blogging and that was what was on it.


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